"Enriching lives- One kid at a time"





For more than 4 years, Bhojan has devoted its energy to passionately bringing a wholesome childhood to orphans, abandoned and street children. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

Our Outreach team in Tamilnadu needs your help immediately, We are trying to crowndfund to build a free school for children in the streets from scratch. Help us raise money.

Locally and nationally Bhojan is a vocal advocate for the children from all backgrounds, We work in shelters, orphanages and street to help children in need of education and rehabilitation.

In India, Quality and Good education is luxury, and equality among schools is a far cry. Lack of good teachers and schools with basic amenities in rural areas is a huge issue. Help us reach as many children as possible with education on the go.

  • Humanitarian needs in Orphanages and shelters
  • Quality basic education 
  • Training young adults to be teachers
  • Life skill education

bhojan in Action

  • Counselling
  • Crowd funding to build schools
  • Providing underwear to children 
  • Gifts and workshops for HIV/AIDS and Cancer affected children.


 Project to provide children with basic education with  a customized syllabus inspired  by waldorf method  and unschooling techniques.


Bhojan has began to raise funds to build a free school with the inspired syllabus model for children who show excellence in skills but are in shelters and the street.


Project that provides children with a pair of underwear and teaches them about hygiene and health